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Aequitas Capital Management

Aequitas Capital Management is a Northwest-based alternative investment firm offering strategies across private equity and commercial finance products in the middle market, healthcare, and energy sectors. Aequitas came to MBC Strategic for its experience in investment white paper content, design and marketing to develop a series of white papers exemplifying the power of alternative investments. The white papers delved into the details and story of the history alternative investments and how the investment category came to be, utilizing a series of interesting and creative visual tools to support the content marketing efforts.

Berkeley Square Capital Management

The team at Berkeley Square had developed something big: a dynamic strategy that evolves modern portfolio theory to the world of relative strength in today’s…

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Russell Investments

MBC has assisted one of leading global asset managers since 2005, working across multiple divisions and product lines

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Guardian Investment Banking

MBC assists Guardian with a full range of marketing, design, branding and advertising services

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