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Executive Asset Management

Executive Asset Management (EAM) is a full-service national real estate portfolio asset management firm, providing results-oriented solutions for residential and commercial assets, land and lots. Through knowledge and experience, EAM offers financial institutions, funds and investors with a one-stop-shop for asset management, unparalleled analytics and customized consulting services—all at a significant value. When the firm was acquired by Guardian in 2013, they approached MBC Strategic to help in their rebranding process.

MBC was challenged to create a new brand identity system for the firm that would support and extend Guardian’s parent brand, while staying true to their own established identity. By integrating visual elements of the parent brand with new components unique to EAM, such as colors and imagery, the team was able to effectively enforce the brand hierarchy. The rebrand project included a new logo, messaging, suite of identity materials and website and new content for both web and print.

Guardian Investment Banking

MBC assists Guardian with a full range of marketing, design, branding and advertising services

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Russell Investments

MBC has assisted one of leading global asset managers since 2005, working across multiple divisions and product lines

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Principal Financial Group

MBC provides ongoing positioning and support for Principal Funds as well as their asset allocation program

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