MBC Strategic

New Media Commercial
Creation of interactive presentation for brokers


To create a high-impact and innovative new media Flash-based presentation to generate broker interest in the new features of an established investment product. The presentation was to be delivered as a clickable web link in an email campaign and represented the final component of a widespread and coordinated marketing strategy directed at financial advisors.


There were five steps in the development process, brainstorming for concept, creating the presentation’s framework, developing the design and Flash execution, implementing the voice over, and managing the composition of original music. These elements then had to be synchronized into this self-contained new media Flash commercial. The strategy was to animate the campaign’s design and theme into an artful and cohesive short presentation. The interest-generating marketing tool includes:

  • Incorporating campaign art and graphics into a multimedia format
  • Instilling life and animation into normally static concepts and charts
  • Integration of voice over and music 
  • Low cost and easily tracked email distribution


The presentation was distributed to financial advisors in 2006 and helped launch the new product features in an innovative way, driving traffic back to the website and creating interest in the campaign. As a part of a cohesive marketing campaign, the presentation proved very versatile, a shortened version available for email distribution and housed on the firm’s website, while a longer version could be delivered as a movie clip in a traditional presentation setting.

For a demonstration of the presentation, click here.