Investment Marketing Newsletter – 1Q10

The Investment Marketing Business

Markets appear to have settled somewhat, although it still seems likely that we are entering a period of choppy economic and market news and supportive fundamentals. It is during these periods that creative marketing to new and existing client bases and significant efforts at client retention are most important. It is time to look at portfolios and product lines and see where it makes sense to discuss and market new investment themes. Right now, investors are open to new ideas and advisors and firms need to ensure that they are delivering cohesive and actionable messages and solutions to clients.

Watch List

Working with an east coast real estate distribution company handling multiple REITs, the team at MBC was approached to design and execute a company website that would convey both the firm’s extensive experience and their diverse array of offerings.In the process of building the website, MBC contributed content development and design efforts, as well as the construction of a custom content management system that would enable the firm to better control and maintain their site, marketing materials and brand identity. The successfully articulated brand and new website is set to launch during the second quarter.

Marketing Consultant’s Corner

In the first quarter of 2010, the team at MBC emphasized the many advantages of both simple and complex content management systems (CMS), developing sites based on particular needs and goals of several clients. Currently, there are several options to help companies manage their website content and customization and design are still an important element in development. For a smaller firm looking for a basic branding site, MBC chose a highly extensible and customizable open-source service as a user-friendly alternative to building a system from the ground up.Our team completely customized the user experience and design scheme, integrating key components of their existing brand and site feature needs into this open-source engine. To maintain a high-quality look and feel, the design team completely tailored the site to fully convey the firm’s visual brand identity. In addition, we licensed and customized the much more robust and scalable MBC CMS to an investment distribution company with more advanced needs in terms of site control and design.

The Ticker

During the first quarter, the team at MBC updated a past white paper on the active asset allocation product of a major mutual fund company. The paper’s goals were to highlight and differentiate the active process taken by portfolio management as well as analyze the effects that their process and allocations had on overall portfolio performance throughout the history of the product suite. The series of actively managed fund-of-funds have a more than 10-year track record and the piece dissects each calendar year of allocations and results.