Investment Marketing Newsletter – 3Q10

the investment Marketing Business

With most pundits predicting flat to choppy results as we move through this recovery period, delivering innovative marketing and value added strategies can help differentiate your firm and build assets in this market. Whether you are targeting financial professionals or retail investors, explore new strategies to highlight and promote investment products, services, and support for your clients. This could include new investment strategies and communications for alternative investments or practice management support and materials for advisors and partners. MBC can help you with the creation and delivery of these investment marketing strategies, from concept through execution.

Watch List

In early 2010, MBC helped a leading global financial and investment services company develop a comprehensive sales brochure to convey the firm’s deep experience and successful history of active asset allocation. With a detailed look at each year, the materials document and analyze the performance of the market and each of their fund-of-fund Portfolios over the past decade. The project involved significant research and content development, analyzing over a decade of data, allocations, and financial market activity. In August, the project was awarded a “Best in Show” in the Fund Information category by the Insurance and Financial Communicators Association, a top designation given only when there is an entry of high enough merit.

Marketing Consultant’s Corner

With the increasing significance of the Internet in marketing plans, it is more important than ever to maintain a prominent online presence. Even in B2B markets, developing and implementing an SEO strategy can enhance your firm’s visibility, improving search results and driving targeted traffic. A deep investigation into your firm’s most effective and descriptive keywords can lead to better page titles, URLs, and page content, each of which are very important factors in search engine algorithms. Search engine optimization can be a complicated process, but with some effort, you can improve your site’s search-ability to gain new clients and grow your business. The team at MBC also provides guidance and assistance with SEO marketing, as well as a full range of branding, marketing, and online public relations services for financial and investment companies.

The Ticker

With fixed-income yields at historic lows, MBC has been working with several clients in developing marketing and communication plans around investors’ difficult search for yield. With our variable annuity clients we have been highlighting the flexibility of living benefit options to deliver significantly more income for clients in or approaching retirement. We have also been helping our mutual fund clients promote equity income funds as well as some less interest rate sensitive bond classes. Yield-related communication strategies include print and electronic pieces, comprehensive white papers, and magazine style value-added analytical articles to get the word out about these alternative income strategies.