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investment advisors. Legacy Builders.

NBC Securities is a full-service broker-dealer and registered investment advisor catering to individuals and companies across the United States. They provide private wealth services and asset management strategies from financial professionals who average over 25 years of industry experience, in addition to technology-driven custodial solutions that streamline and optimize operations for advisors nationwide.

They are independent and employee-owned, committed to building lasting relationships and legacies. The firm achieves this through the combined power of our network of advisors, sophisticated suite of business services, and in-house portfolio products and research that spans equities, fixed income, mutual funds, SMA’s, annuities, and life insurance.

NBC Securities manages or advises approximately $5 billion in assets with an operating footprint that spans the US with corporate headquarters located in Birmingham, Alabama and offices in Alabama, California, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Ohio and Oregon.


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