Award Winning Investment Manager Branding
Project for Dynamic Liquid Alternative Asset Manager


True innovation brings about great opportunity, not just for its creators and customers but also for the associated branding and marketing. Berkeley Square Capital Management’s dynamic and evolutionary Criterion Strategy, focused on extending and adapting Modern Portfolio Theory within alternative investments, required a brand, messaging, and visual identity to match. In this alternative investment branding project, MBC Strategic was challenged to translate a sophisticated investment methodology into a clear, compelling brand story, combining visuals and messaging to bring the innovative thinking to life.


Creating a brand identity for Berkeley Square involved a comprehensive overview of the firm’s strengths and personality, as well as uncovering what differentiated its strategy and investment philosophy. The disruptive nature of the Criterion Strategy demanded a bold, impactful identity to help the firm stand out in the financial and investment branding landscape. The alternative investment fund deck, fact sheet, and website needed to communicate the benefits of their dynamic strategy, showing how Berkeley Square creates opportunity for investors through its new approach to alternative investments.


MBC Strategic developed a website and identity for Berkeley Square that would emphasize their ability to dynamically adjust and reallocate based on changing market conditions. The team used unique imagery and custom compositions to tell this story of evolution and progress, emphasizing dynamic shots with elements of movement and light—images that provided a new perspective on something established. The messaging and design reflected the personality and drive behind the company, incorporating an edgier look and vibrant colors to stand out and immediately and demand attention. The copy used storytelling to more effectively convey the power of Berkeley Square’s approach: the ability to adapt to the chaotic nature of the markets, underscoring their new dynamic way of investing. The brand launched in early 2015.  With their innovative strategy and a powerful brand to support it, Berkeley Square has been able to capture attention, effectively defining its role as an innovator in the marketplace. For its results on the project, MBC Strategic won the Gold Award for Branding from Marcom Awards in 2015.