Branding for a Family of Financial Services Companies
Messaging And Design For A Brand Ecosystem


Planet Financial Group is a fully integrated family of financial services companies delivering innovative lending origination, servicing and asset management solutions to both investors pursuing value and borrowers seeking streamlined end-to-end loan lifecycle support.

In 2021, Planet Financial Group contacted MBC Strategic in an effort to establish a unified brand architecture and create a strong overarching financial services brand leveraging a range of sub-brands, while also demonstrating standalone value within each constituent.



Through deep research and analysis on Planet Financial Group’s key differentiating factors relative to its audiences and competitors, MBC was able to identify a messaging strategy that emphasized storytelling, highlighted a sophisticated and strategic perspective, and confirmed executive and operational expertise. Building off of the parent brand, MBC also looked at messaging strategy, story, naming and advertising concepts for its mortgage lending, servicing and sub-servicing brands to create a cohesive house of brands across the Planet Financial Group family. Our goal was to deliver both messaging and design that laddered up to the parent brand. Throughout the house of brands, Planet was also able to showcase its Planet with a Purpose philanthropic efforts and initiatives.

The design strategy was centered around the idea of using engaging visual elements including animated features and a symmetrical, organized design, leveraging the bright blue and green color palette of the financial services firm. This uplifting, yet clean and elegant design invites the idea that Planet Financial Group has one collective mission of making up an effective and impactful brand ecosystem, upholding the “One Planet. Endless Possibilities.” brand tagline.


The Planet Financial Group brand and website launched in 2021. This comprehensive financial services branding project showcased authentic messaging that effectively communicated the brand story and showcased the Family of Companies, as well as attracted and appealed to investors, institutions, customers and talent. Additionally, Planet Financial Group was able to carve out an online presence and widen its digital brand awareness that reflected the firm’s sophistication and culture, standing apart from competitors as a leader with a modern design. The additional messaging and strategy for the sub-brands rolled out sequentially after the launch of the parent.