Branding Strategy for a Global Financial Firm
Naming and Brand Strategy for Real Estate and Fintech Holding Company


QUARA is a holding company of diverse and innovative real estate, financial and technology firms with international reach, including multiple exchange-listed businesses, as well as the largest publicly traded real estate company in KSA.

QUARA approached MBC to update their branding and messaging and create a new name for the organization. They wanted a sleek, technology-forward website to communicate their sophisticated and global presence and emphasize their best-in-class services and partnerships.


After speaking with key stakeholders and conducting extensive brand and industry analysis, MBC recommended the name QUARA, an elegant and original word that speaks to both technology and connectivity, delivering an impactful double meaning. We took a modern, forward-thinking approach, using dynamic visuals to highlight QUARA’s innovative financial products and services, while creating a futuristic feel through tech-driven aesthetics.

The branding platform was executed across their website, marketing materials, and social media to create a cohesive brand identity. The branding assets showcase QUARA’s sophisticated, digital approach and help differentiate the firm from their competitors.


The new brand launched in September 2020 with websites in multiple languages and supported by impactful visuals that convey the firm’s extensive global experience and visionary leadership. This was paired with user-friendly navigation and engaging animations throughout the site.

The marketing materials were also updated to attract partners and investors by matching the aesthetics of the website and conveying QUARA’s confident and future forward messaging. The branding project won a Platinum award from dotCOMM for Financial Website Design and Financial Services Standard of Excellence in Web Development from WebAwards.