Investment Bank Presentation Deck
Investment banking presentation powerpoint

Investment Banking Presentation Deck


To effectively position a company for sale through the creation of presentation deck. Investment banking client required strategic assistance in the writing and development of an investment offering presentation document for an investment advisory firm.


To effectively position the firm for sale, the comprehensive deck was constructed and organized to highlight all of the firm’s key valuation drivers. Research, language, and support materials cohesively told the story of the company, its competitive advantages, financial position, and the benefits of its acquisition. MBC worked directly with the investment banking firm to best position the key investment considerations and create a sales support document that was both informative and persuasive. The presentation deck included:

  • Executive summary and overview of key investment considerations
  • Detailed financial, profitability, product, and client analysis
  • Firm’s competitive advantages, sales and investment processes, and key relationships


The presentation deck was extremely successful, garnering several bids and the eventual sale of the company. The client was able to present a high-level sales support document without putting a strain on their resources. The deck included highlights of all key investment banking considerations, yet was presented in a cohesive, concise, and marketing-oriented format geared to the target audience.

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