Due Diligence Firm Advertising Campaign
Rebranding project for Partner ESI


A leading national environmental consulting and due diligence firm in the commercial real estate industry sought out MBC Strategic to facilitate an advertising campaign and strategically position the firm’s CMBS institutional environmental consulting practice. The assignment included the development of a creative platform as well as the developing and designing of both a trade and online advertising campaign.


Through significant market, company, and competitive research, the team at MBC Strategic developed an advertising and messaging strategy for the campaign to help the firm get noticed in a crowded market.  Staying true to the embodiment of the brand, MBC developed an advertising campaign centering on Partner’s core strength: its ability to deliver high quality, thorough due diligence, quickly. A bold utilization of humor, in your face wordplay, and an eye-catching, cheeky but relatable imagery stood this advertising campaign out across trade magazines and online, speaking to these unaddressed yet altogether critical customer concerns: quality, ease, and speed. The coupling of humor and an emotional connection to the messaging in these unique advertisements left a lasting impact, competitively positioning Partner in a unique and differentiating way.


The first set of advertisements printed in the February 2015 issue of Scotsman Guide, a mortgage origination magazine, making for a cover image and campaign that naturally stood out. Among other competitive, text heavy advertisements, the concept—both the visual and the message—immediately caught a viewer’s attention. Depictions of humorous and lighthearted situations ran counter to the competition, delivering an emotional component to invite viewers in and relate with the scenarios. Through the campaign, Partner was able better appeal to and speak into the actual concerns of their clients, defining its role in the marketplace and actively positioning itself for future growth. In 2015, MBC Strategic received the Communicator Gold Award in Print and Design, the Summit Creative Bronze Award for B2B Trade Publications, and the Award of Excellence from the Insurance & Financial Communicators Association in Trade Journal Advertisements for this campaign.