Building Identity
Creation of a corporate identity package

Building a Corporate Identity Package


To rebrand and develop a new marketing and identity package for a loan sale advisory firm that had exhibited significant growth. Nearly ten years after completing their initial brand development, MBC revisited the branding process, updating the firm’s identity and marketing package to communicate the significant growth and success they have experienced over the last decade. The project involved delving into the world of commercial loan sales to create and refine the right visual, corporate identity, voice, and content to support the firm’s next growth hurdle.


The team at MBC revamped the company’s entire branding package, updating the firm’s visual identity as well as its core messaging. We built their new corporate identity package, conveying the vision of the firm while effectively reaching and touching its target market with its messaging. These efforts were coordinated both in print and on the web. The entire package consisted of the following:

  • Development of new logo, tagline, and company messaging
  • Creation, writing, and design of entire corporate identity package
  • Website content, strategy, and development
  • Concept, copywriting, and design of trade advertisements


The revamped financial service marketing package was released concurrently with the launch of the firm’s redesigned website and a series of trade advertisements in 2009, carrying a clear and consistent message across components. The firm took advantage of its updated identity package to emphasize the powerful reputation and experience they have developed, as well as their widely expanded offerings and client base. The rebranding process resulted in an updated look and a significantly enhanced user interface with more information easily accessible to site visitors.

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