Impact of Women in the Financial Advisory Industry
Case Study for Russell Investments


MBC aligned with Russell Investments to develop and design a presentation highlighting the impact of women on the Financial Advisory industry. MBC was tasked to transform Russell’s innovative primary and secondary research into a visual and engaging “Main Stage” presentation delivered by Russell executives nationwide.


MBC worked to develop Russell’s research into a powerful visual storyline with infographics and imagery to captivate and inform audiences of financial professionals on the growing effect that women are having on the advisory industry and how to benefit from this evolving market. Incorporating and extending Russell’s core branding, MBC created a new look and styling for the presentation series.


The end product was a well-crafted story to engage large audiences while presenting them with Russell’s significant industry research and thought leadership showcasing the power of both women investors and women advisors. To assist with the promotion of the presentation series, MBC also designed campaign materials that included web and print output highlighting this innovative content.

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