Institutional Municipal Bond Manager Rebrand
Comprehensive branding strategy for Clinton Investment Management


Clinton Investment Management (CIM) is a leading institutional municipal bond manager specializing in tactical, actively- managed strategies that deliver significant relative value through a dynamic and research-driven investment process.

In 2021, Clinton approached MBC for a rebrand, in an effort to showcase a new brand and website design for the fixed income asset management firm, truly keying in on its differentiated service offering and integrated growth trajectory.


After deriving analysis rooted from stakeholder interviews and deep market research, the strategy narrowed in on showcasing the value of CIM’s active strategy and highlighting the client experience. MBC suggested “Exceed Expectations” as the messaging platform to support the positioning of CIM as a sophisticated municipal bond investor with a compelling and unique strategic vision and process. Next, design was brought in to support and enhance the strategic rebranding process. At this stage, the goal was to optimize information through design and integrate capabilities that took the website and its elements to greater heights.


The municipal manager rebrand launched in 2022, including a logo, brand strategy, messaging, website and collateral redesign. The newly constructed set of materials effectively tell a story of a firm that exceeds expectations and changes how individuals and institutions view municipal bond investing in a consistent way across a range of channels.

Through modern UX & UI design, the website offers engaging and interactive features, making the whole difference in areas such as Fund pages. Clinton’s upgraded brand is set to stand out in its space, as a modern-day, performance-driven municipal bond manager.