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Large-scale website development

Large-Scale Website Development


To create and develop comprehensive web strategy and content as part of a large-scale website redevelopment effort for one of the world’s largest financial services firms. AIG approached MBC for strategic assistance in mapping out content for a major web overhaul during 2008. The firm needed support in the approach and writing of web content for their client- and advisor-facing investment sites, detailing topics such as investor education, retirement risk management, and retirement income solutions, as well as value-added resources and tools for financial advisors.


Through extensive branding and positioning efforts, the MBC team refocused and repositioned the company’s core content, web properties, and cohesive messaging strategy to broaden reach and connection with potential investors and advisors. MBC developed cross-referenced, educative content and created a logical and linear flow within sub-sections with connectivity to product support pages, increasing brand and product awareness while enhancing the overall informative user experience. The project included:

  • Repurpose print content for best positioning and effective web use
  • Research, support, and communication of educative investment concept
  • Website strategy, content, and page development


The site launched in June 2008 with an entirely new user interface and connectivity across business lines. The project serves to strengthen overall brand recognition and maximize client retention and client generation, while providing a destination for both investors and advisors to access information and tools.

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