Client retention through regular communications

Client Retention Through Communications


To promote awareness and customer loyalty through regular publications and reporting initiatives. The mutual fund client was looking to stem redemptions and develop lasting client and advisor relationships.


MBC worked with the firm to develop a multi-tiered marketing approach aimed at both investors and the brokers selling their funds. For existing shareholders, the approach incorporated an educational focus that underscored the benefits of a long-term investment philosophy that utilized simplified asset allocation strategies. Advisors were trained on the ease-of-use and true benefits of the funds and their positive impact on their practice-favoring fee-based management over a transactional model. This campaign lasted several years and included a large number of regular publications and the following materials:

  • Sales ideas and unique economic and investment commentary
  • Educational newsletters and annual reports
  • Targeted web-based content and strategic initiatives


The firm was able to significantly reduce redemption levels, turning negative flows into powerful net sales results which continue to be significantly ahead of industry norms. They were able to develop and extend a powerful positive brand and identity that resonates with both existing clients and across the brokerage community.

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