Industry Research Reports
Development and distribution of targeted reports


To establish industry expertise and recognition through the development and distribution of a detailed investment industry research report. An investment bank and consulting firm looked to broaden its reach by creating a targeted report covering the landscape and profit metrics of separately managed accounts (SMAs).


With a target audience of industry executives at SMA firms, the report was crafted with a high-level of sophistication, yet organized and designed with icons and a visual roadmap for a more compelling and easier read. The 40-page report was separated into seven chapters detailing the background and profit hurdles and solutions in the SMA space. It guided industry executives through valuable research and solutions geared towards more efficient management practices. The report included:

  • Content strategy, development, and copywriting
  • Development of a marketing strategy and executive seminar
  • Creative oversight and design development


The report was released with widespread success and critical acclaim. Managers were able to gain valuable insight and new solutions for immediate implementation. The client gained recognition across the investment community, generating interest, engagements, and additional revenue.