Internal Investment Communications
Building internal understanding for an investment firm


To build internal awareness, train the sales force, and educate the board of directors with targeted high-level communications efforts. Client was looking to improve its market position through deeper internal understanding of its products, processes, and competitive landscape.


MBC worked with the firm to create a quarterly overview of the firm’s key initiatives, industry positioning, and financial results for best practices board reporting. This included both a written explanation and a PowerPoint presentation to be delivered by the head of sales. For the wholesaling force, MBC drafted detailed white papers to educate executives and sales professionals on industry trends, the firm’s market position, and to provide a higher degree of product analysis, positioning, and understanding. The communication efforts included the following:

  • Board reporting package on both firm and industry trends
  • Product-specific white paper research reports
  • Analysis of third party ranking and rationale


The communications strategies were highly successful as the firm continued to expand its sales staff along with its asset base. The high-level analysis was used in training new sales executives and spurred multiple marketing concepts, initiatives, and positioning for the firm and its product base. The consistent and detailed board reporting was extremely well received, especially in an environment of increased scrutiny and intensified regulatory oversight.

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