Bringing a New Brand Story to a Storied RIA
Rebranding a Historic RIA firm


Gamble Jones has a storied history of over 60 years in the Pasadena area, with roots coming from the Gamble family of Proctor & Gamble. With a long legacy of being a trusted financial advisor, the firm was seen in a particular light with their clientele and in the overall market. While they wanted to stay true to their roots, they also wanted to reflect more of the modern elements that are sought after by the current market and the children of their existing clients. Finding a story and message that would balance their history while keeping a keen eye on the future was a difficult task, and after much searching they chose MBC for the job.


The project began with an in-depth look at the firm’s history, current positioning and aspirational goals. Furthermore, we had the opportunity to sit down with some of their investors to understand what parts of the brand were most important and where opportunities for more modernity existed. Once that positioning was developed and agreed upon, we worked across their digital and print touchpoints to ensure a consistency in this new design and story. A new website was created which highlighted the firm’s illustrious history while balancing in a modern and emotionally-conscious element that would resonate well with their current and future audiences.


The new brand and website launched in late 2018. Prior launch, MBC help a company-wide branding workshop to help communicate both the purpose and future value of this new and unique brand, helping deepen stakeholder and staff understanding and buy-in. The new website stands out in the RIA space, providing a unique emotional connection that is true to the way the firm operates. With a clearer sense of both the firm’s legacy and future trajectory, its advisors and client service professionals are now well-equipped to continue building trust within their market, capture more opportunities for generational wealth transfer and expand their geographic and demographic scope.