Rebranding a Real Estate Investment Firm
Comprehensive Rebrand for WNC


WNC is a national real estate investment firm with a focus on affordable housing, offering private equity funds, tax credit investment opportunities, and community redevelopment strategies. A storied investor who saw the United States housing crisis early on, WNC became leaders in affordable housing development and investment by being one of the first to utilize low income tax credits, not only generating returns for investors, but also helping expand access to decent living for fellow Americans.

WNC approached MBC in 2019 to update their brand and create a website and marketing materials that showcase their services through modern design and imagery, providing clarity to what they do, and offering strategic messaging around their Preservation Equity Funds.


After speaking with key stakeholders at WNC, MBC gained a sense of the passion the firm felt for what they do and saw a unique opportunity to create impactful brand storytelling that highlights their history as a tax credit investing vanguard and a local community stalwart.

MBC also noted opportunities to differentiate their services and improve the navigation of the site, with the new design delivering expanded transparency and clarity on their divisional services. In addition to a more streamlined user experience, the new real estate investment website offered a clear path from the home page across the other key areas of the site.


The final product was an easy-to-navigate experience with easy-to-decipher structuring, along with intuitive responsiveness and user-friendly animations in both the navigation bar and throughout the site.

Similarly, marketing material was upgraded to match site aesthetics and codify the new WNC look. Presentation decks, letterheads and fund factsheets take a “show-don’t-tell” approach with bold visuals and concise messaging.