Financial Services Marketing Newsletter – 3Q05

The Investment Marketing Business

While SEC rules dictating membership requirements for Investment Company Board of Directors are being developed with the best interest of the shareholder in mind, we know that in practice, independent boards can be quite costly and often require additional reporting efforts that tap company resources. Regardless, the era of transparency is here and investment firms need to address both their client and board reporting. This holds for a wide range of company types — not just the 1930 Act Mutual Fund Companies. Managed accounts, institutional investment firms, and hedge funds should also pay close attention to their client reporting tactics to ensure that they are effectively communicating and delivering on promises made in the sales process. This will help firms manage expectations, retain assets, and avoid potential problems.

MBC Watch List

We are currently working on a large-scale practice management program specifically geared to financial advisors for one of the largest networks of broker/dealers in the nation. The program recently launched and takes participants through detailed and structured exercises on goal-setting, focusing on strengths, business planning, and improving business relationships. The program was designed to streamline advisors’ practices, generate additional business, and improve their overall quality of life.

 Consultants Corner

The importance of branding in investment industries is often overlooked. We can get so caught up with performance of the capital markets and so focused on sales that we miss some of the true drivers of client retention and loyalty — credibility and trust in both our products and the way we run our businesses. Whether your clients are individual investors, advisors, or institutions, they need to receive concise and consistent information with every marketing touch — starting with the initial sales process and extending throughout the entire relationship. Your firm’s logo, tagline, website, sales materials, and communications should carry a consistent message that embodies the values of your firm. Take the time to define your branding goals upfront, develop a strategy, and deliver a message that speaks to and connects with your target market.

 The Ticker

The team at MBC has been working diligently on the re-launch of its website — which officially went live in August. At, you can find details on the broader range of services we now offer our investment-related clientele. The company also opened offices in Santa Monica and has added additional staff members to better serve the marketing efforts of our clients and partners. Drop a message in the website InBox if you have any comments or need additional information on how we can help your firm in its marketing and communications efforts.