Investment Marketing Newsletter – 1Q12

The Investment Marketing Business

From a pitch book presented in a new business meeting to a main stage presentation given at large conferences or industry events, the development of powerful financial and investment marketing presentations are often the first brand exposure many of your clients and prospects see. The team at MBC Strategic has worked with several of the industry’s top investment companies to bring fresh design, focused messaging, data visualization, innovative charts and infographics to their investment product and service presentations, both in the conference room and on the stage. Streamlining the structure and adding inventive, branded design elements into your next presentation will increase both reach and impact. View a recent case study of MBC’s work on a main stage presentation


Marketing Consultants Corner

It is important to develop topical investment commentary that supports your core investment style and discusses why the products you offer may add value in the current environment. Whether it is for a specific mutual fund, family of funds, or investment strategy, to show a product’s benefit and potential contribution to a client’s success and overall experience, targeted investment commentary and messaging can support both sales and customer retention. Leveraging extensive research into the target market and competitive landscape, as well as overarching brand values, you can develop a messaging strategy that will enhance and support the product offering. Ranging from a quarterly brochure for financial advisors to the strategic messaging for a financial services product, the right positioning for both investment products and strategies can help your firm standout in a crowded marketplace.

Watch List

After a website redesign or company rebrand, it is important to continue to push your company’s message and benefits out to potential clients. In the competitive world of financial and investment marketing, increasing your online brand presence can be done through timely updating of strategic content on your website, search engine optimization, writing and distributing press releases to trade publications and utilizing social network best practices on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. MBC Strategic offers full service investment marketing and public relations support for companies across the financial services industry, helping gain attention from your target audience, generate leads for your business, and better connect with your clients.

The Ticker

When launching a new investment product, service or financial marketing initiative, it is essential to strengthen the impact of the first impression your potential customers are offered—the naming of the offering. A thoughtful investment product or service naming strategy should help it stand out in the competitive landscape and convey meaningful information about its key purpose or benefits—while also being brand supportive. The team at MBC Strategic has worked with companies across the financial services industry to explore, define and refine the names of their latest investment products, services, messaging platforms and processes. By combining deep industry knowledge and best practices with creative naming services, MBC Strategic is able to survey the marketplace and find the right naming conventions and message for client’s products and services.