Investment Marketing Newsletter – 4Q11

The Investment Marketing Business

During a year of supreme market volatility, in December domestic equity markets were hovering right about where they opened in 2011. 

Watch ListAs standard deviations have skyrocketed and interest rates have plummeted, investors need increased communications to help them stay on course and maintain appropriate allocations. Investors now have two significant bear markets in recent memory and consistent, thoughtful messaging and investment content can help firms with client retention and acquisition. Whether working with mutual funds or alternative investment firms, MBC has the experience and expertise to create a messaging strategy to efficiently reach and connect with your target market.

This quarter, MBC Strategic was pleased to receive an Interactive Media Award and a MarCom Award for their rebrand of Guardian Investment Banking and Real Estate. Our team was awarded the Interactive Media Award for Best in Class in Financial Services—the Best in Class award is the highest honor available from the IMA. MBC Strategic received a total score of 487 out of 500 based on design, content, feature functionality and usability of the website, allowing us to secure the achievement bestowed on only a handful of sites each year. MBC also received a Platinum MarCom Award from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals for the Guardian rebranding project which also included strategy, messaging, and a complete redesign of all print materials.


Marketing Consultant’s Corner

59% of active social networkers say LinkedIn is their platform of choice over Facebook or Twitter. This number has grown since last year when 41% called LinkedIn their most important social account. In spring of 2011, LinkedIn reported over 100 million members in more than 200 countries—with unique visitors up 63% from the previous year, making it the second most popular social network behind Facebook. Experienced professionals are using LinkedIn to promote their company and win new business through the use of LinkedIn’s target searches, company pages and group features. The social networking site went public in May of 2011.


The Ticker

In the 4th quarter, MBC Strategic worked on a website and branding project for a private equity investment firm, Municipal Capital Appreciation Partners, and their advisory firm, MCAP Advisers. The project consisted of a full-scale rebrand, new logo, suite of identity materials and website for the alternative investment firm. The team at MBC worked to create a branding scheme with a sophisticated design and color palette that will serve as the foundation for both MCAP Advisers as well as each of their individual Funds. The alternative investment website was also built on a customized content management system for seamless site management post launch. Bold imagery on the homepage and supportive images of the firm’s real estate holdings combined with new web content and case studies, helped to portray the long history, experience and success of the company.