Investment Marketing Newsletter – 2Q09

The Investment Marketing Business

With the implosion of the financial markets and many of the cornerstone firms in the investment industry, client communication is more important than ever. As we know, clients often become most disgruntled when trailing performance is low and the blowups in the mortgage and derivatives markets have added fuel to the fires deteriorating trust. In fact, a recent survey released by “Investment Advisor” noted that over half of investors plan to fire their advisors, while nearly 90% said they would give poor recommendations to their advisors’ firm. These numbers are astounding and certainly underscore the need for consistent and cohesive communication for client retention during negative market cycles.

Watch List

The “There’s no Free Lunch in Real Estate” website launched in the first quarter of this year, marking the beginning of a multi-platform campaign driving web traffic and sales of a real estate investment education program offering an alternative to traditional investments in today’s volatile market. The program offers a comprehensive guide to creating passive income by building a real estate investment portfolio comprised of multi-unit properties. MBC remains focused on the development of the website as it produces webinars, campaigns, social networking, and newsletters to market the product line. A comprehensive SEM and email marketing strategy is also in place to further promote the program.

Marketing Consultant’s Corner

Given the increasing crunch on wallets and budgets, the search for unique and creative web design strategies that are also functional and cost effective has never been stronger. One thing that helps is evolution of ActionScript and tools that enable better ability to combine and bridge HTML, Java, and Flash design. This enables powerful interactivity and media output of what used to require all Flash, without the negative impact on SEO and URLs of years past. Solutions that utilize HTML, Java, and Flash elements together can provide the same rich user experience more efficiently than ever before.

The Ticker

Since mid 2008 MBC has worked closely with a real estate investment learning program, “There’s No Free Lunch in Real Estate”, aiding in the branding, marketing, and PR efforts to develop credibility and build their brand and client base. The design and content teams have helped with development of the learning materials, website design and development, a large-scale email marketing campaign, SEO, webinars, and social networking strategies. Attention has also been spent on increasing press, expert postings, and monitoring public relations. As the program continues to grow the team’s efforts remain focused on developing brand recognition, as well as keeping the clientele engaged and informed.