Investment Marketing Newsletter – 3Q07

The Investment Marketing Business

Heightened market volatility caused by the current credit crunch make the right communication strategy even more important for financial services and investment firms. When the leading story on news broadcasts centers around negativity in the financial markets, clients become even more uneasy and are more apt to make emotional decisions that can negatively impact their long-term financial health. Stay ahead of the curve with targeted communication strategies to reassure clients of the benefits of a long-term perspective and arm financial advisors with an effective suite of materials to help allay client concerns.

Watch List

During the quarter, the communications team at MBC completed an announcement campaign for a sale of a regional broker dealer in the Midwest. The campaign included a client announcement, press releases, an introductory background piece for the new owner, and new corporate identity materials. The entire package was created and designed to extend their brand, create awareness of the additional capabilities available, and drive client action.

Marketing Consultant’s Corner

White papers can be a powerful tool to showcase the competitive advantages of products or investment strategies. A well-crafted paper or research report can help a firm position themselves as a thought leader in a particular market segment. These marketing tools can help a firm navigate through the product approval process as well as educating both internal and external wholesalers and advisors into the key differentiating factors of a product line or process.

The Ticker

MBC also recently embarked on a white paper series for ETF purveyor to be released during the fourth quarter. The series discussed the benefits of recent innovations in index construction and how they can translate to the potential for relative performance strength in their ETF investable counterparts. The project involved all the research and copywriting for the white papers that will be distributed nationally to advisors and product managers that take advantage of ETF products.