Investment Marketing Newsletter – 4Q08

The Investment Marketing Business

We are really in unchartered waters for most market participants as many of today’s investors and advisors have yet to experience this deep of a recession and the magnitude of volatility that we saw during 2008. Daily volatility more than doubled during the year (over trends of the last decade) and we saw a nearly 50% movement from peak to trough in the broad market. During these times, marketing and communications become even more important than ever as investors and partners need to be assured that their plan remains optimal in turbulent times. Now is also the time to take advantage of new methods of communication to more efficiently get the word out to client and partners and stay in front of market moves with effective messaging.

Watch List

Throughout the quarter, the MBC team worked a multi-pronged marketing campaign promoting a real estate wealth-building educative product and program. Positioning the proprietary investment process as an extension and complement to the personal brand of one of world’s leading real estate professionals, MBC was hired to build significant brand credibility to drive both sales and traffic to the upcoming site launch. The project incorporates a coordinated campaign of branding, marketing, and PR efforts into a comprehensive strategy including site design, content development, interactive webinars, product packaging, email marketing, online campaigns, a social networking program, and the development and production of promotional video footage.

Marketing Consultant’s Corner

There may be an opportunity to revisit the way you deliver and use both current and past presentations. Many new tools allow you to get more life out of PowerPoint presentations, PDF brochures, and other printed materials, with several new ways to repurpose the content or deliver it in a more interactive format online. The same can be done for PDF brochures and other printed content. Get more out of your sales and presentation materials so they can be more effectively showcased online, sent as a custom link, or even an interactive email attachment. 

The Ticker

In late 2008, MBC began work with a specialized social networking community, helping to develop a wide range of marketing materials to help support the firm’s plan to raise capital in an investment road show. This involved the creation of comprehensive investment deck that detailed the highlights and key investment considerations of the firm and its business plan. The design team was charged with developing a visual identity to support the firm’s web presence, while the project also involved significant research and copywriting to effectively reach and connect with several specific target markets. The flexible and portable materials were used to both raise awareness and capital, and market to potential strategic partners.