Investment Marketing Newsletter – 3Q08

The Investment Marketing Business

As we are mired in a highly-contested political election and a period of significant market volatility and uncertainty, pundits have again begun to raise several potential correlations between politics and the financial markets. The team at MBC recently researched a wide range of market and economic data dating back over 100 years to analyze trends and ties between elections, political parties, and market performance. There are certainly some significant correlations, but at the core, the U.S. market and major economic trends are larger than election or party politics, despite short-term impacts on markets, taxes, and policies. The net of it is that, regardless of Democrat or Republican or what happens in the market during and just after the election, the structural problems in the capital markets need to be unwound and a long-term time horizon is an investor’s greatest ally.

Watch List

During the quarter, MBC launched a comprehensive branding campaign and website for an area wealth management firm. The project included significant competitive research to develop a positioning brief detailing the most effective web strategy, as well as core messaging, visual identity, content, and design. The team at MBC devised an accessible but modern look aligned with the sophistication of the company’s core offerings and client base. The site build-out also involved developing a user-friendly and linear navigation system to best position the company on the web.

Marketing Consultant’s Corner

Firm’s looking to raise capital to fund new business ventures often fall short in the development of business plan materials and investment-seeking presentation decks. These materials are often the only chance to make a positive initial impact on potential investors, and need to be well-crafted, designed, and effectively structured to deliver the right message to your target audience. Strategic assistance is often the best way to ensure your business’ capital raise goes smoothly. The team at MBC recently completed three fund-raising business plan decks, created and developed to help two startup online businesses raise operational capital and one existing goods and energy firm to raise significant funds to launch a new venture.

The Ticker

Another recent launch involved the development of a personal brand for one of the nation’s leading commercial real estate brokers. The goal was to develop a scalable and credible brand story and messaging strategy to support the broker as an expert advisor, speaker, and mentor. This involved editorial and strategic assistance in the writing of a book detailing core real estate investment tenets and strategies to create wealth. MBC also built and launched the broker’s personal website to extend his brand, showcase service offerings, and provide an outlet for investors, students, and clients.