Mutual Fund Marketing and Branding – Building More Effective Materials

Mutual funds are like any other product. While certainly ripe with operational complexities, they have a target market, fill customer needs, create customer benefits and are subject to intense competition. Customers, in this case investors, advisors and institutions, have a wide range of options when choosing a mutual fund strategy or a portfolio manager to fill an investment or asset class need.

How can mutual fund companies with a unique investment strategy get noticed? The financial landscape is becoming even more competitive with the proliferation of exchange traded funds (ETFs) and the rising availability of hedge and alternative assets for the individual retail investors. In this competitive environment for financial products, mutual fund marketing and branding can make a huge difference.

Mutual Fund Marketing Strategies and Solutions

Obviously a strong sales team is needed to spread the word, but mutual fund companies also need strong branding and marketing to ensure the true benefits and key differentiating factors of each fund is effectively communicated. Every mutual fund company and each of their product offerings should go through a strategic branding and messaging exercise. This involves a detailed, thoughtful analysis of the target market, competitive landscape, messaging and an audit of current marketing materials for each mutual fund offering. This process is often enhanced by an outside-the-company perspective to provide an unfiltered view of current mutual fund marketing materials. If the marketing materials for your mutual fund say the same thing in the same way as your competitors, it makes it more challenging, even for a seasoned sales team, to truly differentiate the product while piquing the interest of new investors and advisors.

Performing a mutual fund marketing, branding and messaging audit can help product providers uncover a range of opportunities to build more effective materials and sales tools. Whether it’s updating messaging, improving design or reworking the information hierarchy, this process can be a powerful tool in helping mutual fund companies to arm and train their sales teams and deliver more effective fund introductions and presentations. 

Mutual fund marketing solutions

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