White Paper: Brandability of Trust

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Global assets under management are growing by trillions of dollars. For capable asset managers, the largest financial institutions are seemingly grabbing the lion’s share of that growth without too much effort or justification.

This investment branding-focused white paper looks into what these large money managers are doing, how trust plays a critical role in assets under management and capital raise success, and what small-mid sized managers, as well as large institutional asset managers, can do to have a fighting chance in this competitive environment.

The white paper complements research from CEB, PWC and AMG to explore the impact and necessity of branding in finance through:

  • Developing emotional connections with target audiences/investors through effective investment branding
  • Creating a clear and differentiated message across all investment marketing material
  • Ensuring consistency in branding and messaging across all marketing touchpoints

Take a look and discover how branding is driving growth at leading investment firms and financial institutions as well as how your firm can drive results through more powerful investment-related branding and marketing. Read our recent white paperand get the edge on building trust with investment clientele.

Download Brandability of Trust