Callais Capital Management

The Callais family has developed investment strategies, operational values, and experience over the last four generations. With their key business partners, they have built businesses along the Third Coast, remaining dedicated to, and invested in, the economic prosperity of their community.

Callais Capital Management was originally founded as a family office to manage our family’s legacy investments and to ensure capital preservation and growth. With the burgeoning startup ecosystem along the Third Coast and Mississippi River Valley, they saw an opportunity to develop infrastructure and strategy around a dedicated venture capital effort, leveraging their legacy of entrepreneurship and deep roots in a market underserved by targeted institutional investors.

Over the last five years, they have pursued regional startup investment opportunities and have evolved into a leading, Louisiana-based institutional venture capital platform. They draw from four generations of business insight, a distinguished network of professionals and deep board experience across industries to source, scale and strengthen their venture investments.


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  • 2019 MarCom Award Gold
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