Cambiar Investors


2020 IMEA STAR Awards Best Smaller Asset Manager Website - Investor Website

2019 dotCOMM Award Gold Website, Finance

2019 MarCom Award Honorable Mention Website

Cambiar Investors offers institutional and retail clients an active relative value investment strategy across a range of SMAs and mutual funds. Their investment products are utilized by consultants, retirement planners, broker-dealers and registered investment advisors. The near $10 billion asset manager focuses exclusively on one investment discipline: relative value.

Prior, MBC assisted Cambiar in a branding effort to tailor its website and materials and improve its reach. Following a comprehensive redesign of the institutional asset manager’s website, MBC produced a suite of investment strategy and fund marketing materials including fact sheets, presentations, advertisements, conference materials, brochures and product guides. In 2021, MBC refreshed Cambiar’s website as well supported the asset manager’s mutual fund advertising and social media design and strategy.

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