Real Capital Markets

Founded in 1999, Real Capital Markets (RCM) has become the leading Commercial Real Estate Disposition platform for both property and note sales based on tenets of qualified exposure and transparency. RCM is the recognized leader in providing online transaction management services to the institutional real estate community. Acting as an online bridge between institutional real estate investors and the capital markets, the real estate marketing company serves as the Internet’s only broker-neutral host. MBC began working with the firm in 2011, assisting with web design and development, advertising, brand strategy and the content and design of sales support materials.

Since 2015, MBC has also consulted on the design and development of the company’s website. In order to reflect RCM’s leadership in the world of institutional real estate sales, the redesign incorporated updated video, imagery and design elements as well as refreshing of content to convey the company’s unique and expanding capabilities. The real estate investment marketing and advertising partnership continues with additional design and online advertising projects to increase user engagement and lead generation on the website.