Alternative Investment Marketing
Build a lasting and effective brand that will differentiate and distinguish your firm

As natural product evolution has inevitably impacted the world of alternative investment marketing, the space has become increasingly competitive with more managers and firms targeting the same client pool. This trend underscores the importance for alternative investment firms to differentiate and distinguish themselves through effective branding and marketing strategies. The right materials will lend a level of sophistication to your firm and add the immediate credibility that is often necessary to help clients and partners identify with your brand.This can also help in the due diligence process and investors and institutions more easily grasp what makes your firm or fund style unique and effective.

Working with a branding firm with significant investment experience greatly reduces the time, energy, and effort involved in pinpointing the core of your brand and developing the right strategy and materials to effectively reach and connect with your target market, whether it’s HNW or institutional investors. Finding the right branding partner to navigate the nuances and legal constraints of the world of alternative investments will help you focus on your core business and can deliver a powerful and immediate return on investment. Effective hedge fund and alternative investment marketing and branding strategy will help you raise both assets and awareness.

MBC offers the following alternative investment marketing services for alternative asset management firms:

  • Core branding initiatives and creative services
  • Website content, design, logo, and identity materials that deliver results
  • Multi-tiered, password-protected sites for accredited investors/partners
  • Reporting strategy, content, and materials
  • Public relations and media strategy
  • White papers and positioning