Agency Residential Mortgage REIT Rebrand
Reimagining the Brand Behind AGNC Investment Corp


AGNC is an internally managed mortgage REIT built with the objective of generating favorable long-term stockholder returns with a substantial yield component through levered investments in Agency residential mortgage-backed securities.

In 2023, AGNC reached out to MBC in an effort to revamp its brand, messaging, website and materials to better reach and connect with its audience. MBC was charged with building out a new brand strategy for the real estate investment trust that focused on its niche and unmatched expertise in agency mortgages.



Leveraging stakeholder interviews and deep market research, MBC suggested a strategic framework built around the core message of “Investing in America’s Greatest Asset.” The brand story was strategically infused to convey the true objective of the firm and was supported with forward-thinking, bold imagery, design elements and infographics.

Our team worked outside the traditional bounds of design, using innovative custom graphics and elements to add a layer of uniqueness in an effort to elevate the brand. Throughout the website, we combined dynamic imagery and graphic applications, working in complementary ways with brand messaging. The REIT website also showcases revamped pages with automated data uploads creating a number of interactive visuals, including charts, graphs and statistic call outs for effective visual storytelling.


The new website launched in 2023 and stands to support the brand in its growth and success as one of the leaders in Agency mortgage-backed securities investing. Design and messaging throughout the site successfully speak to the power of firm, including its ability to find and capture opportunity and drive impact. It tells the story of the Agency MBS asset class, seamlessly integrates a specialized Investor Relations site and drives engagement via animation. Brand materials support the website and allow audiences to connect with the firm through integrated messaging and design across decks, ads, and social media. From the shareholder reporting to the conference presentation and the 15-year anniversary campaign, the REIT asset manager has already successfully taken the new brand identity off the ground.