Planet Financial Group

Planet Financial Group is a fully integrated family of companies delivering innovative lending, origination, servicing and asset management solutions. The firm was created to meet and exceed today’s market lending demands by connecting multi-channel origination, in-house servicing, sophisticated asset management and investment opportunities under a fully integrated operational form. Planet provides the structure, leadership, and resources necessary to operate at peak efficiency. The result is a synergistic alignment of process and performance, allowing Planet to serve and complete the ongoing needs of customers.

MBC Strategic worked with Planet Financial Group on a comprehensive rebrand of The Planet Family of Companies, including five affiliated brands. MBC helped establish a consistent brand identity and visual language across these companies to strengthen Planet’s overarching voice and create a unique organizational branding framework. 

HEX: #001D60

RGB: 0 29 96

CMYK: 100 94 30 29

HEX: #00B2E2

RGB: 0 178 226

CMYK: 81 3 5 0

HEX: #B1D780

RGB: 177 215 128

CMYK: 60 0 100 0


RGB: 206 222 0

CMYK: 24 0 100 0

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