Rebranding a Leading Global Commercial Real Estate Loan Service Provider
Finding the niche in institutional commercial real estate


Trimont is a leading global Commercial Real Estate Loan Service Provider currently managing assets in 72 countries with offices located throughout the US and in the UK and Australia. With $236B in Loans Under Management, Trimont is an established and accredited Loan Service Provider with a keen focus on operating with accuracy, transparency, and reliability at every stage of the loan lifecycle.

The challenge was to execute a strategic messaging and branding exercise to pinpoint the firm’s key differentiators and competitive opportunities to evolve unique and authentic messaging that encapsulates the value proposition, mission, approach, and culture. Additionally, properly positioning the company was paramount, not only in leveraging past successes, but also allowing the firm to progress into its next phase of global growth. Lastly, the development of messaging that utilizes storytelling as a strategic device and addresses both the functional and emotional needs of the audience was crucial to the implementation of effective brand strategy.



In conjunction with the 35th anniversary of the firm, MBC Strategic supported Trimont in a comprehensive rebranding that spanned firm messaging, brand strategy, visual identity, materials and website design. Trimont’s refreshed logo and brand positioning reflects their evolution and modernization, showcasing a tech-forward, highly custom and digitally flexible wordmark with a complementary updated color palette.

To support the new brand identity, MBC designed and developed a brand and messaging guidebook that detailed design, style and voice guidelines. This signature piece will serve as the key point of training for the new brand—detailing how we showcase the modern design and colors, as well as helping train new team members how to tell the story of the firm both internally and externally. In line with the new brand strategy and print materials, the branding refresh included a new, modern global website, including automated variable content for the firm’s three key regions and global workforce.



The new Trimont brand launched in September 2023, featuring a dynamic and contemporary design meant to convey the technologically advanced and adaptive firm delivering superior client services within their institutional commercial real estate niche. With new materials, typography and an entire set of visual design assets, Trimont’s new brand showcases the firm’s progressive energy, inclusive values, global integrations and dynamic culture