Comprehensive Rebrand of an Alternative Investment Platform
An eye-catching website design that elevates the user experience for financial advisors


GLASfunds is a leading alternatives investment and operational platform providing financial advisors with direct access to exclusive private opportunities. Built with functional simplicity and extensive customization at its core, the digital ecosystem streamlines sourcing, aggregates reporting and centralizes information exchange to create a true end-to-end solution.

In 2022, MBC Strategic was sought out by GLASfunds for a rebrand and new alterative investment website, updating firm messaging, upgrading visuals, and building a cohesive, authentic and modern brand presence.



The team at MBC Strategic first approached the rebranding exercise by conducting stakeholder interviews to key in on the vision of the firm and develop effective messaging and marketing content in line with that vision. In building a focused strategy, MBC defined its goals and sought out to key in and inform the audience on what GLASfunds had to offer as well as solidify its compelling, future-proofed value proposition. Its new platform, “One Platform. Your Vision.,” served as the firm’s north star, as messaging was developed to create an aligned brand presence.

Following this operation, design strategy stepped in, supporting the messaging development process and creating depth within it. The goal was clear in creating an intuitive and engaging, yet modern and balanced website as well as a suite of marketing materials.



Clear in its process and compelling in its opportunity, the value proposition is infused in a structural way and is backed by content focused on partnerships and firm-specific differentiating factors throughout the website and marketing materials. Simple, yet effective in design, the information is clearly laid out and optimized for simple comprehension, allowing readers to easily derive the value they gain through partnering with the platform provider.

Through both copy and design, GLASfunds stands out within its space, clearly showing its full range of services and value proposition.