International Asset Management Firm Branding
Chinese financial services firm


Fullgoal, one of the largest asset managers in China, wanted to leverage its history and strengths in offering Chinese investment solutions to the largest institutional investors across Europe and Asia. Fullgoal approached MBC Strategic to help present its investment solutions with a more creative and Western-style approach and to communicate its competitive advantages to global investors and institutions.

Fullgoal boasts an international team of over 300 investment professionals offering stability, expertise and perspective to its clientele. Fullgoal required a multi-site installation due to the numerous countries and languages its clientele represent across the globe. In addition, its branding and messaging needed to tell the story of Fullgoal’s unique ability to guide access into the Chinese markets.



MBC Strategic kicked off the process with a series of stakeholder interviews in order to create an overarching brand strategy and messaging platform. The team sought to leverage and highlight Fullgoal and China’s rich history and reputation of guidance and protection throughout the brand, message, and design, crafting a modern and punchy messaging and design in the process. The project included deep analysis of the investment approaches Fullgoal offered across Chinese equity, fixed income and alternative assets relative to a very broad mix of international investment managers. With a 20+ year track record and with over $52 billion USD equivalent under management, Fullgoal is the region’s largest active asset manager. The company also offered an untarnished compliance history and unusually loyal and experienced investment team.



MBC Strategic developed a comprehensive brand strategy and designed all investment marketing materials including fact sheets, identity materials, presentation decks. A focused messaging strategy worked to better convey the firm’s deep competitive advantages. MBC also designed and developed the Fullgoal multi-site company website. The website launched in early 2016 featuring the entirely new structure, visual identity, imagery and materials. On the back-end, the site offered fully customizable page-building, responsive web design, scalable vector graphics, and suite of customized animations to provide visual variety and improve the user experience for both the client and its visitors. Fullgoal’s new website and branding offer the firm’s investors across the world a single point of access into the depth and breadth of one the most opportunistic markets in the world – China, and garnered multiple awards from MarCom and Interactive Media Awards for branding, web design and development in the financial services space.