Investment Presentation and Profiler
Point-of-sale investment presentation and profiling tool


To help advisors close business by creating a more interactive and effective profiling and presentation tool. Client wanted to combine the profiling and sales efforts to streamline the process for brokers selling its asset allocation product.


MBC was charged with the management and production of the entire project, from concept to packaging and delivery. The team performed a search for an interactive programmer to develop the flash-based web-browser interface. The CD-ROM and internet-based tool strategically guided a client through the benefits of asset allocation while concurrently prompting participants to answer topical profiling questions tracking key time horizon and risk tolerance tendencies. Based on a proprietary scoring system, the interactive profiler placed the investor in one of five core investment portfolios-greatly simplifying the process for financial advisors. The entire package consisted of the following:

  • Self extracting browser-based presentation and profiler for CD-ROM and web distribution
  • Corresponding script and broker talking points for effective delivery
  • CD-ROM packaging and mailing solution
  • Printed brochure and questionnaire for concurrent or stand-alone use


The tool was initially rolled out in 2001 and helped drive several consecutive years of record sales into the asset allocation program. It is simple to update and functionally dynamic, far exceeding client expectations. Testimonials to its ease-of-use and effective communication of difficult investment topics helped maintain broker loyalty and position clients in the right asset allocation investment for their long-term success.