Mutual Fund Website Launch and Rebrand
Quantitative and fundamental investment manager web design and development


With the launch of its first mutual funds, Strategic Global Advisors sought to initiate a marketing strategy and website to increase brand identity through clear messaging, and update its look with sleek and more forward-looking design. SGA reached out to MBC Strategic to develop a messaging platform communicating its key strengths and differentiators to both its retail and institutional clients. With this rebranding effort, SGA hopes that its customers will clearly see the value in its unique quantitative approach to global investing and feel at ease investing through its systematic and fundamental investment process.


Starting off the rebranding process required learning more about SGA through comprehensive interviews. MBC Strategic also began analyzing the company’s strengths and weaknesses in comparison to its competitors. After thorough analysis, MBC’s team of brand strategists decided to leverage SGA’s clearest emotional benefit – peace of mind, as well as a number of unique differentiators including its fully integrated investment process and combination of systematic and fundamental approaches. MBC Strategic executed on these concepts and created a deliberate and insightful messaging platform, visual identity, fact sheets, presentation deck, and a responsive website that utilizes an intelligent cookie system to serve the appropriate content, downloads, and materials to both institutional and retail investors. MBC also portrayed SGA’s unique utilization of both a systematic and human approach in its investment approach through a layering of images showing both the thought and computational analysis behind each decision.


By building upon on SGA’s duality in its customers and investment approaches, the MBC team created thought-provoking, experiential imagery and an involving messaging platform. In addition to being fully responsive and flexible on the back end, the website’s intelligent cookie system creates a better user experience for both SGA’s institutional and retail clients by streamlining content to match each person’s needs. The rebranded website was launched in early 2017 alongside a suite of factsheets and presentation materials incorporating this new visual identity, positioning Strategic Global Advisors to better connect with its clientele.

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