International Investment and Family Office Branding
International Private Investment Company Rebrand


Morood Group, an investment company backed by the sovereign government of Saudi Arabia, was looking uncover its core brand to better connect with its target market. Morood was looking to leverage its status as a family office managing some of the wealthiest families in the world, through its affiliated Morood Investment Companies, allowing the company to expand its offerings to a larger audience across the world. In addition to its history making choice investments in early stage companies, Morood offered unique investment opportunities in real estate, private equity, structured capital, and capital markets. In order to best accomplish its goals, Morood was looking to add a human touch to the investment arm and gravitas to Morood Group through a strategic rebrand encompassing a new website, branding, identity materials, messaging, and copywriting.


MBC Strategic needed to identify Morood’s key strengths, unique value proposition, and its position among asset management firms across the world. MBC Strategic kicked off the strategy with a series of interviews, both with stakeholders and with some of Morood’s client base. MBC decided to leverage the exclusivity and prestige Morood naturally embodied, and worked to carefully highlight how the two divisions together provided a unique access to Saudi Arabia for its ultra-high net worth clientele. The messaging and website needed to showcase the holistic services Morood offered its high net worth clientele. MBC also decided to elevate the use of imagery and content to create an emotional connection, driving brand loyalty in the process.


Morood’s new brand rollout utilized a messaging platform solidifying trust, inspiring confidence, and demonstrating a high level of expertise in achieving financial security. The fully responsive website featured an entirely new structure leveraging each division’s focus and creating a visual impact. Like the parent brand, each company distilled a sense of confidence and security on the end user. Identity and marketing materials, including the investment presentations, conveyed the prestige and exclusivity of having a trusted and discreet group of financial and investment managers in the building of an investor’s portfolio. This rebrand also positioned Morood as the “go-to” provider of both portfolio management and family office services for investors in Saudi Arabia.

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