Municipal Bond Manager Rebrand Project
Web Design and Development + Visual Identity Materials


MainLine West, a company providing an entirely new access point to municipal opportunities, was looking to better tell its story to prospective investors. They knew they had something innovative and could better serve the needs of its investors than many of its competitors could. As a small asset manager off Wall Street, MainLine West additionally offered a more salt-of-the-earth quality, independence from a results-only oriented culture, and the ability to purchase smaller, better deals bigger banks could not spend time on. As a part of the rebrand, MainLine West was looking for a comprehensive messaging platform, brand and imagery, presentation materials, identity materials, and website.


MBC Strategic conducted a series of stakeholder interviews to determine how MainLine West best differentiated itself naturally, including any key defining attributes, unique viewpoints, and investment quality. MainLine West had one of the most efficient deployments of capital in the industry, truly benefitting its investors, and did things only when the timing was right, rather than for profit. MBC Strategic identified MainLine’s key emotional benefit – trust, and knew its investors would identity with the promise that MainLine offered unique investment opportunities to maintain wealth. This core message was applied throughout all brand assets including the firm’s visual identity, imagery, and the comprehensive website design and development process.


The fully responsive website MBC Strategic built utilized a flexible and customizable content management system, allowing MainLine to easily add content and create beautiful pages. The new brand story and visual identity communicated a sense of warmth and trust, and its visual style explored historical connotations to imbue upon the brand the qualities of strength, quality, efficiency, and reliability. These factors helped demonstrate a divergence and contrast between Wall Street and MainLine, communicating that MainLine West offered an alternative option to municipal investing. The newly designed website launched in November of 2016, positioning MainLine for future success.

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