Practice Management Materials
Executive coaching program for financial advisors


To develop a turnkey practice management and executive coaching program to be delivered to financial advisors. The program needed to be compelling and poignant while delivering valuable exercises and tools to effectively advance the business and personal lives of producing brokers.


In an effort to resonate with the advisor audience, the coaching program was constructed by paralleling the results achieved by high-performance athletes in their training efforts with effective sales professionals. Just as athletes improve their performance by focusing on their core strengths, advisors can garner additional efficiency and performance by targeting their true advantages and strongest traits. To uncover and cultivate these strengths, the program was crafted to provoke a new way of thinking and guide participants through the growth process. Each module was supported by extensive research, background materials, and valuable exercises. The program focuses on the benefits and best practices of:

  • Goal setting
  • Discovering strengths
  • Time management
  • Business planning
  • Improving client relationships
  • Creating a referral-based practice
  • Client engagement


The first Module covers goal setting, guiding participants through the importance of creating, segmenting, ranking, tracking, and revisiting both personal and professional goals. Module Two, which covers traits and performance analysis, was followed by Modules detailing business planning, branding, and analyzing and improving relationships.  Each module consists of a coaching guide and presentation, participants program, and exercise worksheets. The program helps advisors manage and build their practice while developing loyalty with the program’s sponsor. The entire program was updated and relaunched nationwide in 2010 and recently was awarded two gold MarCom awards for content and program design.