Rebranding of a Venture Capital Firm
New Materials and Website


Callais Capital Management has a long history on the Gulf Coast. From entrepreneurs, to family office, to venture capital firm, the Callais family has a unique story and deep roots in the region. MBC Strategic was tasked with synthesizing these compelling traits into a messaging platform and website that properly reflects their compelling history and proven knowledge of investing in the Third Coast.

As a venture capital firm, specializing in growth-oriented start-ups, Callais Capital required branding that not only hit on their established and respected position in the Louisiana investment community, but their visionary ability to identify and grow innovative companies in a traditionally underserved market. This required a complete rebrand that included a full suite of marketing materials as well as a completely revamped website.


Extensive research on the overall investment landscape and relevant competitors across the region, coupled with comprehensive stakeholder interviews to get a better idea of what sets Callais Capital apart, allowed us to develop authentic and effective strategic insights into messaging and brand positioning.

Messaging capitalized on the long and rich history of the Callais family in Louisiana, emphasizing the physical and emotional connection that comes from generations of cultivating a business and community reputation. Our goal was to showcase a sense of dynamism and savvy financial thinking in the process, which is exactly what their target audience is looking for when trying to find an ideal investment partner.

The branding assets and materials reflect a clean design philosophy that works well with Callais’ authentic yet forward-thinking reputation.


The new Callais Capital brand launched in June of 2019 and was received positively with many stakeholders and portfolio companies praising the user-friendly navigation, impactful logo design, and the modern yet familiar site architecture.

There are very few firms with such a compelling tie to the region in which they work, and we were able to refine this distinctive trait into messaging that delivers site visitors an experience which establishes Callais as both a community stalwart and an inter-generational economic driver for the Gulf Coast.

With an all-new brand story, well-positioned messaging, and powerful marketing material design, Callais refreshed identity perfectly matches their updated messaging: Tempered by the past. Built for the future.