White Paper Series
Index product positioning and alternative investment series of white papers


Working with an industry leader in the development of indexes and Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) product lines and Index Universe, the preeminent index vertical media source, to develop a series of white papers. The paper series was designed to position and promote ETF products based on fundamental and hedge fund replication indexes.


The team at MBC conducted exhaustive research and competitive analysis, examining the academic backdrop and support for the evolution of investment management and the next generation of alpha-seeking products. In crafting the series of white papers and journal articles, we developed a consistent research and information flow to best position the product lines relative to both competitors and complementary product offerings, providing insight into their correlation and placement within portfolios and asset class mixes. Overall, the papers highlighted the competitive advantages and benefits of a proprietary investment process, shedding light on the ground-breaking research and product development involved in rethinking prior and current index creation.

The project consisted of:

  • High-level academic research
  • Product positioning and storyline development
  • Copywriting for white papers and journal articles



The launch of the initial white papers helped the firm get the word out across the investment community on their unique process of creating hedge fund replication strategies. The white paper and article series continued with additional projects covering their proprietary alpha-generating and fundamental indexation process of a major index product purveyor. These types of value added marketing materials are powerful for differentiation and can help with widening of distribution networks.