White Paper: Benchmarking Your Financial Marketing


Just like asset managers benchmark against an index, financial services marketers have benchmarks for their activities. Without a benchmark, how does an investment service provider know that its’ marketing is providing sufficient return on investment?

This investment branding-focused white paper looks into both qualitative and quantitative strategies to better improve your marketing decisions by examining effective benchmark setting strategies for your financial business.

The white paper will cover:

  • Building Your Investment Branding Benchmark
  • Qualitative Strategies (Aspirational Brands, Internal Surveys, Consistency Check, External Audits, Competitive Analysis)
  • Quantitative Strategies (Marketing Funnel, Website Traffic, SEO, Email Marketing, Advertising Metrics, Social Networking)

Take a look and discover how benchmarking your financial marketing can drive growth at leading investment firms and financial institutions as well as how your firm can drive results through effective benchmarking strategies.. Read our recent white paper and get the edge on your competition.