Investment Marketing Newsletter – 1Q07

The Investment Marketing Business

The financial services marketing industry is ripe with the development of innovative tools to support the businesses of its sales partners. Asset management firms are scrambling to deliver the right materials and efforts to help drive successful and lasting relationships with financial advisors. Whether it is practice management or educative programs to help position difficult investment concepts, the days of pure performance touting may finally be behind us. These marketing strategies can be powerful ways to develop long-term loyalty and truly add value to the process.

Watch List

During the quarter, the team at MB Consulting began work on a full re-brand for a regional insurance company. The project includes the development of a logo, sales materials, website, and identity materials to better reach and connect with the firm’s clients and partners. While still in production, the entire package is set to launch in early May and both the content and the design will help the firm maintain and exhibit an effective image and positioning in its market.

Marketing Consultant’s Corner

Keeping your marketing initiatives fresh and updated is an important part of the branding process. In the investment world, we are often too focused on process and sometimes marketing and branding do not get the attention they deserve. We are here to help. By working with a firm that truly understands your business and its success drivers, firms can benefit from additional insight in positioning to their strengths and conveying an effective image. It may be time for a brand review to update and refresh your company’s look, message, and marketing strategies.

The Ticker

The MBC team is also involved in developing, branding, positioning, and creating content for a large asset management firm to better position its risk management efforts across the investment community. The efforts are part of an overall initiative help top-tier advisors position themselves for effective retirement planning. The project involves the development of value add advisor material that includes web, white papers, and educational materials packaged in a drip program to assist and support the efforts of advisors and wholesalers.