Investment Marketing Newsletter – 1Q11

The Investment Marketing Business

For many investment firms, a top priority is to deliver value-added, practice management materials to Advisors that use their products. To kick off 2011, MBC partnered with Sun America to develop a comprehensive referral program to help Advisors receive more referrals from both clients and business partners. Through extensive research and content and strategy development, MBC sought out the industry standard in referral-based practice management. The goal of Sun America’s referral program, which includes strategies, tactics, and tips, is to help Advisors close their referral gap. With the help of MBC’s extensive research of referral-based practice management, Sun America was able to create a referral program that successfully aided Financial Advisors in improving referral numbers and in turn helped grow their businesses.

Watch List

This quarter, MBC Strategic complemented its practice with two new hires to manage and meet the growing needs of their clientele. The new additions to the team include a Marketing Manager well-versed in branding, social networking and public relations tactics for financial institutions and a Consulting Brand Strategist who brings over 15 years of agency experience and insights to the team. The team at MBC is equipped now more than ever to complement financial and investment practices with their experience, creativity, technology and innovation.

Marketing Consultant’s Corner

In 1Q 2011 a national alternative asset distribution firm sought out MBC Strategic to develop a marketing and branding strategy and a series of hedge fund website solutions to showcase their portfolio of public and private real estate funds. MBC developed a custom content management system (CMS) website engine to support the marketing efforts for the asset distribution firm’s upcoming series of hedge fund capital raises. The team at MBC worked to fine-tune design, messaging, and the CMS backend for this hedge fund website design to ensure that it effectively showcased the large amount of hedge fund-specific website content. Each alternative asset Fund in the series was branded with a unique look, feel and custom website solution. The series will roll out throughout 2011 to support the firm’s hedge fund marketing and public relations efforts.

The Ticker

The team at MBC was approached by one of the world’s leading investment companies to help position an investment services sub-brand within the well-known overreaching parent brand. During first quarter, MBC presented a strategy to re-launch the company’s thought capital program with fresh, compelling and poignant strategic positioning and new creative platforms. MBC helped the firm re-define and clarify the importance, purpose and benefits of the brand values to its target audience, thereby enhancing the overreaching position of the parent brand, and also providing an array of innovative conceptual design elements to support future campaigns.