Investment Marketing Newsletter – 2Q08

The Investment Marketing Business

The process of internally analyzing a rebrand can be a powerful and useful exercise. The MBC team used its 10-year anniversary in May 2008 to provide the backdrop for an introspective analysis and internal rebrand. Our efforts included creating a new logo, refreshing all content, and designing a new website that is better organized with easier navigation and more interactive features and content. In working on our own rebrand, we took the opportunity to pinpoint our identity, extend our core messaging, and add the scope, growth, and breadth of the client work we have done the last 10 years.

Our new branding was created to really embody the direction we are taking the firm. The rebrand was done to help support our growth, with new additions to both our LA and NY creative staff. We aim to build a stronger connection with each of our clients, offering comprehensive branding, marketing, and PR creative service solutions across the finance and investment communities.

Watch List

The MBC team worked extensively in developing, branding, positioning, and creating web content for one of the world’s largest insurance and financial services firms. The efforts are part of an overall initiative to refocus and reposition the company’s core content, web properties, and cohesive messaging strategy to maximize reach and connection across target audiences. The websites will serve to strengthen overall brand recognition and will be used for both client retention and client generation. The major web initiative is set to launch at the tail end of the second quarter and includes all the content for investor education, product positioning, and advisor tools across all their investment and retirement business lines.

Marketing Consultant’s Corner

It’s important to remember the significance of marketing touch points and public relations for investment companies, especially in today’s volatile market. In difficult times, clients are more prone to emotional decision-making that may be detrimental to their long-term financial health. Whether your target is the advisor community or the end investor, regular communication will strengthen and nurture relationships, and promote forward-thinking, reducing reactionary moves. There are several communication strategies that can help. Bring clients in for review, create a drip campaign or a branded email communication plan to reassure clients of the benefits of a long-term perspective, and supply advisors with targeted tools and strategies to help their clients feel secure.

The Ticker

The MBC team is also working on a full rebrand for a regional LA-based wealth management firm, including overall positioning, content, and web design and development strategies. We have always emphasized the importance of periodically assessing consumer-facing materials to ensure that the right messaging and look are consistently conveyed and communicated across target audiences. This site is a prime example. Both the content and the design will help the firm maintain and exhibit an effective image and position to better connect with its market. The new web interface is set to launch near the end of the second quarter of 2008.