Investment Marketing Newsletter – 2Q12

The Investment Marketing Business

The sales process is not over at the point of sale. It is at that moment that the retention process begins—especially in the world of financial and investment marketing. Every touch is important and client reporting for investment firms can be a valuable part of the continued branding and retention process, offering opportunities to cultivate and strengthen a long-term relationship after business has been won. In today’s market environment, investors require a straightforward, honest view of the market and what it means to their portfolio as well as what will be done in the future. MBC Strategic works with a wide range of clients to design and develop clear and concise investment client reporting materials while maintaining brand identity and messaging to which clients can relate and respond.

Watch List

MBC Strategic continued its marketing and public relations partnership with a national investment banking and real estate company in the 2nd quarter. The team at MBC led the efforts to keep Guardian in the spotlight through investment presentation design, timely e-mail newsletter blasts and topical investment and banking article content development. In order to widen reach, it is important to regularly update and add to relevant website content. By developing new financial and investment case studies and news articles, MBC can increase visibility within the investment and banking communities.


Marketing Consultant’s Corner

In the financial marketing world, it is important to define, develop and implement a strategy for investment marketing and branding. Taking the time to research and analyze the competitive landscape is essential to the definition and implementation of your core message. In order to effectively differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace, you must first understand the marketplace and identify where your business can stand out from the competition. MBC Strategic’s branding team specializes in core message development and execution across the investment world. Our deep understanding of the market coupled with strategic financial research and a proven creative process make the creative brief and messaging process efficient and effective for our clients.

The Ticker

MBC Strategic continued its relationship with the premier provider of online commercial real estate sales and marketing. MBC developed an online advertising campaign focused on commercial real estate companies, including ad copy and brand-supportive design to support the growth of this real-estate technology platform provider. We also developed ad copy for the company’s new real estate mobile app that allows buyers and sellers of commercial real estate to make transactions through their cell phone or tablet. MBC Strategic continues to deliver web content and web design services to this recognized leader in online institutional real estate transaction management services. The updated real estate investment website design, effective advertisements and new mobile app help to better position the company to expand their business across the commercial real estate marketplace.